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First Assembly of God of Clanton

What to Expect


Clanton First Assembly is an exciting New Testament, Pentecostal Church committed to reaching our community and world for Christ. Our ministry focus is inward, outward and upward.

Our focus is inward, in that we offer ministry designed to grow and develop believers into mature disciples of Christ while providing them with an avenue through which to exercise their individual ministries realizing that everybody has a talent and a work to do for the Kingdom.

Our focus is outward. We aggressively reach out to those in our community who do not know Christ Jesus as their personal Savior through our local evangelism/outreach programs. We also have a very active missions program supporting over 20 missionaries and missions programs around the world.

Our focus is upward in that we strive to bring glory to God and build His kingdom in everything we do.

First Assembly is an exciting Church. We believe Jesus should be reverenced and celebrated, honored and praised. The style of our worship ranges from quiet times of worship to jubilant expressions of praise. Regardless of your worship preference it can be expressed and experienced at Clanton First Assembly.