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First Assembly of God of Clanton
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True Sacrifice


    Once again, our 21 days of fasting is upon us here at First Assembly of God and everyone is asked to participate. It is not that everyone is being asked to fast the entire 21 days. Rather, each year Pastor Reid challenges us to choose at least two meals  during this 21 day period and to abstain from food during those meal times. The definition of “fasting” is simply “doing without food for a spiritual purpose.”  “I encourage you,” says Pastor Randy, “to choose one or two things that you will be fasting for.”  He went on to explain that those things could be anything from a lost loved to something as simple  as an unaffordable item you may need for your home as his mother did when he was a  child.

    This  year’s fast will be from January 7 through January 21.  Look in the church bulletin for your chance to sign up for a meal.