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First Assembly of God of Clanton
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Ten Years at First Assembly — and Counting


    The year 2018 marks a milestone in the history of First Assembly as well as in the ministry of Pastors Aaron and Amy Argo. January 7, 2018 will mark their ten year anniversary as Music and Youth Pastors at First Assembly.

    “It is rare these days for a senior pastor to remain at the same church for that length of time but it is virtually unheard of for associate pastor to have that level of longevity,” said Pastor Randy. “Its not because he hasn’t had other ministry opportunities elsewhere,” Pastor continued. Pastor Randy recalled numerous instances where calls and inquiries were received inquiring of Pastor Aaron and Ms. Amy’s interest in considering other ministry opportunities. Opportunities that offered greater benefits both monetarily and professionally. However, with each invitation  Pastor Aaron replied with the message that the Lord had he and his family right where He wants them.

    With ten years behind them, Pastor Aaron and Ms. Amy are the second longest serving pastor to ever serve at First Assembly, behind only Pastor Randy and Ms. Angie.

    Pastor Aaron and Ms. Amy’s current youth group were in Wee Church when they arrived ten years ago, and some of the youth they inherited when they arrived are now grown with children of their own. Additionally, the music ministry that Pastor Aaron has developed at First Assembly has made him a sought after music pastor by some of the largest churches in our District. We are blessed to have the Argo Family at First Assembly; Pastor Aaron, Ms. Amy, Shelby, and DJ. Sunday, January 28th is a day that is set aside to honor them and celebrate this very notable milestone in their ministry and that of our church.