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First Assembly of God of Clanton
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Students Making an Impact


    We have returned to the season of school busses and car lines, early mornings and sleepy students, and pep-rallies and ball games.  The ‘18-’19 school year has begun.  “While we know that our students are so excited for the school year to begin,” said Pastor Aaron with a bit of sarcasm in his voice, “we also understand that this is an opportunity for each and every student to make an impact on their school.”  Pastor Aaron went on to stress the issues that todays students have to face such as drugs, broken homes, gender confusion, and bullying.  “FUEL Student Ministries wants to make a difference in the schools for Christ,”

    One way FUEL will be impacting their schools is through an event called See You At The Pole (SYATP).  This is where students gather around the school flagpole before classes begin and pray for their fellow students and teachers.  The date for this year’s SYATP is Wednesday, September 26.  That night our students will host a cookout/prayer service outside on the Dennis property where all the students are invited to come and pray for their schools and each other. 

    When speaking of the event Pastor Aaron said, “What better way to impact our community than by feeding both the body and the spirit. “  Make sure that your student attends this great event.