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First Assembly of God of Clanton
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Shining His Light at Easter


    Once again, spring is peeking through the freshly grown leaves and new flower buds in the garden to let us know that it is right around the corner.  Along with spring comes the largest outreach of the year for us here at First Assembly, the Annual Spring Outreach!

    “This event is by far the largest outreach that we do throughout the year,” says Pastor Randy.  The outreach began over 15 years ago when the people of First Assembly participated in what was known at the time as The Hundred Man Challenge with Johnny Jernigan.  Since then Pastor Randy and the church have kept the event as a permanent addition to the yearly calendar.  During the outreach we will once again be giving away free bottles of water and free Books of Hope at intersections throughout town.  There will be an exciting Kid’s Event at the city park by the baseball fields and we will be doing personal door-to-door evangelism in the community.

    One additional venue for this year’s outreach is the “Cross Walk”.  Pastor Aaron will be in charge of this venue and will only require 6 to 8 people to help.  “We have decided to donate our Via Dolorosa cross to the outreach,” says Pastor Aaron, “and have some of our church family carry the cross through town praying while all the other venues are active.”  For safety reasons, we ask that this venue be reserved for those that are of youth age and up. 

    This year’s outreach will be on Saturday, April 21.  Pastor Randy asks that everyone please be here and in the sanctuary at 9:00am for orientation.  The outreach will begin at 10:00am and last until 12:00 noon.  As is customary, we will meet at the pavilion at the city park to conclude our outreach with a time of free food and fellowship.  Come and be a part of this incredible event with us!