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First Assembly of God of Clanton
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Prime Season for Evangelism


    Each new year brings with it a season and New Year’s resolutions and commitments to do better in the coming year. It is said memberships at gyms and health fitness facilities spike at the first of every year. Many people see the new year as a time to start fresh and new and end old habits and make better life choices going forward. For many it is the time to shed those few pounds, to better bridle the tongue, to get out of debt, read more, get out more and the list goes on and on and on.

    Included in that list of better life choices are spiritual ones. It seems that the first of each year is the time when people turn their thoughts toward the spiritual aspect of their life than at any other time. They purpose to do better, live better and generally be an overall better individual. That is where the opportunity for evangelism comes in.

    Since people’s hearts are more in tune with living a better life, making better life choices and being more “spiritual” it is a prime opportunity to extend an invitation to church.

    Generally, at the first of the year, people are more open to an invitation to church. They are more receptive to spiritual engagements and often ready to receive some spiritual nudging. That is the reason this is a prime season for evangelism among the people of God. Therefore, Pastor is urging the First Assembly family to engage in aggressive evangelism. Not “pushy” evangelism, that turns people off, but the kind of evangelism that draws people in. The kind that compliments the touch of God that is already dealing with their heart and drawing them to a more intimate relationship with Him.

    May we be sensitive to the special work that God is doing as this new years begins and allow Him to use us to invest in the un-churched and the de-church and draw them into His family.