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First Assembly of God of Clanton
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October Invitation campaign


    Jesus taught His disciples through the parables that they were to go into the highways and hedges to compel people to come and meet Jesus. It is a proven fact that the most effective evangelism strategy is a simple one on one invitation. 

    Each year in October the First Assembly family engages in a Fall outreach campaign. It’s called the October Invitation campaign. Starting the first week of September, Pastor Randy will ask everyone to place up to three names on an index card of people who are un-churched or de-churched  on the altar where they will remain throughout the month of September. These name will be prayed over each service and fasted over the entire month of September. Then in October you will be released to go and invite those people whose names have been on the altar all September.

    This is a prayer strategy that has been employed at First Assembly for several years with good success. This invitation campaign has produced wonderful testimonies of people who have never been a regular church-goer and suddenly started mysteriously attending church. As well, people who have been out of church for an extended period of time have returned to the House of God.

    Be thinking of people who are not in church. Starting the first Sunday in September place their names on the altar and lets believe together that we’ll see them in church come October.