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First Assembly of God of Clanton
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Miracle Month


    It has been about seven years ago that the Lord blessed the First Assembly family with the opportunity to purchase the house next door to the church owned by the Dennis family. At  the time, the church was experiencing sustained growth and the entire church property was being utilized for parking.  There was simply no exterior space to accommodate outside fellowship or activities. The lack of space was especially inhibiting to our youth and children’s ministry which need exterior space during the Spring and Summer months for the various activities in which they engage. After failing to secure the purchase of the home, Pastor Randy moved on from the idea and focused his attention toward other expansion needs.

    It wasn’t long after the church moved into its new sanctuary in 2008 that Pastor Randy received a call from the Dennis family offering to sell the property to the church. The property purchase was secured and came into the possession of the church.

    Since 2004 First Assembly has received an annual Miracle offering, the proceeds going to needful projects within the church. For the past several years, funds raised during the Miracle Offering have been going to pay off the Dennis House. This year’s offering once again will go toward the Dennis House to perhaps to pay it off. The balance remaining currently stands at $45,000.

    The Miracle Offering occurs throughout the month of August. Everyone is asked to seek the Lord regarding how much He have you give toward this project. Remember, together we can achieve the impossible.