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First Assembly of God of Clanton
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Impacting our CCHS Graduates


    On Sunday, May 21 we are going to have the opportunity to have a lasting impact not only on the graduates from our own church family, but on every single graduate from CCHS.  This year CCHS has chosen us to host their annual Baccalaureate service.  This service will consist of student and faculty speakers along with a very special challenge to the graduates of 2017 from our very own Pastor Randy Reid. 

    “This is a great honor for us here at First Assembly,” says Pastor Aaron.  “This is a chance to make a lasting impact on one of the most important and possibly powerful generations that there has ever been.” 

    We will have the Baccalaureate service in lieu of our evening worship in order to accommodate the amount of people that will be in attendance.  While we encourage our church family to come and support this wonderful service we do ask that we give preferential seating to our guests that will be here on that day.  Come and be a true servant to our community and to the graduating class of 2017.