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First Assembly of God of Clanton

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From the Pastor

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From the Pastor:


From time to time I am impressed to revisit the importance of the church in the lives of Christians. It’s ironic but in the day in which we live the Believer has to be reminded of the importance of going to church. Use to, going to church was fundamental to the walk of the Believer but nowadays it is not uncommon for Christians to argue that you don’t need to go to church to be a Christian. That is unfortunate because church to the Believer is what the school room is to the student. It’s what the workout room is to the body-builder and what the hospital is to the sick. We need church in our lives because the more we go the more of Jesus we learn, the stronger we grow in our faith and the healthier we are spiritually. And even if church did none of those things, it is still the happiest and most fun place to be. I thank God for the church and I am thankful He called me to be a part of it. Let’s join together to grow  the church, expand it, and make it as strong and healthy as ever before.     Blessings!!! Pastor Randy



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