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From The Pastor

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From the Pastor:


This week marks a very significant event in the lives of our High School graduates as they will turn the page to the next chapter in their life. I’m sure everyone remembers their High School graduation as a very important event in their lives. This year marks thirty six years ago that I walked the stage to receive my high school diploma and it remains a very special memory in my life.

This year is also extra special for Angie and me as our son, Joshua, is graduating as well. Angie and I were reminiscing recently about the number of years we spent together without children, nearly fifteen years. Then after finally having children our oldest is graduating high school and our youngest is entering the tenth grade. My how time flies.

When I consider the speedy passing of time, it is almost unbelievable that my own graduation was thirty six years ago. But it just gives significances to the admonishment of Paul who instructed us to “redeem the time.” Please join me in prayer for our graduates that God would use them to impact their generation for the Kingdom and that they would be the generation who experiences the greatest revival of our day.

Blessings!!! Pastor Randy



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