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From The Pastor

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From the Pastor:

I think one of worst things that can happen to a person is to go through life and never find a purpose. Purpose is what gives people direction, hope, drive and vision. Solomon said that without a vision the people perish. How true that is. That statement expresses the importance of having a purpose and pursuing it throughout your life.

James, the brother of our Lord, said that life is a vapor; it appears for a moment and then vanishes away. That speaks to how quickly our time on this earth passes and how important it is that we diligently pursue the fulfillment of our work here on earth.

Sadly, most people’s pursuits in life consist primarily of  accumulating wealth and pursuing a life of ease. But a hundred years from now the things that truly matter will not be how much wealth we accumulated or how easy we made life for ourselves, but rather if we accomplished our God-given purpose in life. The old adage is true that says, “Tis just one life and it will pass, only what’s done for Christ will last.”


      Blessings!!! Pastor Randy



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