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First Assembly of God of Clanton

From The Pastor - From The Pastor

From The Pastor

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From the Pastor:


There is no doubt that God has visited us here at First Assembly the past couple of Sundays. It’s not that He is not always here,  for we know in His Word that He promised us in His Word that each time two or three Believers meet together in His name He is among them. But some times the Lord just chooses to manifest His presence to us in a very special way. And that’s what we’ve seen the past couple Sundays. I can’t say that His presence comes as a result of anything we’ve done. It’s just the divine grace and favor of God toward His people that He chooses to show up in a special and sovereign way.

It is during these special times of divine visitation that it is incumbent upon us to take full advantage of His manifest presence. I don’t believe the Lord shows up just to give us good services and make us feel good. I believe it is for a far greater purpose. When we read the scriptures we find that each time God divinely made His presence known it was always for a particular purpose.

When God manifested His presence to Moses it was to call him to deliver His people from Egypt. Another time it was to give him the books of the Law. When He revealed Himself to Joseph it was to change his name and, more importantly, transform his life. For Saul it was to call him into the ministry of an Apostle. And on and on we see that when God showed up it was for a special purpose and to fulfill a special work.

May we seek that for which God has chosen to visit us and fulfill His divine purpose in our lives and ministry.


              Blessings!!! Pastor Randy



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