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The Christmas season kicked off with a bang last Sunday as I delivered the first installment in my Christmas series “The Grinches of Christmas.” I enjoyed sharing with you the message “The Plotter.” It dealt with Satan’s perpetual plot to stop the coming of Christ to the earth to deliver man from his fallen state of sin. Thankfully, even though he had been plotting to thwart Christ’s coming to the earth, Jesus came anyway. Satan’s plot failed, Jesus did come and redeemed fallen humanity. Because of that we can say along with the angels, “Glory to God in the highest and on earth, peace, goodwill toward men.” Today I will deliver the second installment in the series called, “The Spoiler.”

Sunday night we enjoyed our annual Celebrate Christmas service. It was a record attendance for our Celebrate Christmas service. It was a tremendous night capped off by my annual reading of the Christmas story to the children. Be sure to attend tonight’s service which features our Annual Adult Christmas play. It’s Christmas at First Assembly; come be a part of it. Merry Christmas!!! Blessings!!!

Pastor Randy



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