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From The Pastor

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Center your Christmas celebration around Kingdom activities. It seems that more and more of our American society is drifting further and further away from Christ in it’s observance of Christmas. That’s ironic because the very reason that Christmas exists is for the purpose of remembering the birth of Jesus our Savior. Yet over the years the observance of Christmas has morphed into a secular holiday to the point that even the suggestion of honoring Christ is offensive to many.

What’s even more unsettling is that the same is true in the church. Even Christians today are so busy “celebrating Christmas” that they don’t even have time to go to church. They fill their holiday with shopping, weekend Christmas excursions and so many holiday get-togethers that there is little, if any, time left to honor the One for whom the holiday is established.

Let’s not be so busy celebrating Christ’s birthday that we forget to spend time with the One whose birthday it is. Let’s make this Christmas a time that is about Him rather than about us.

           Blessings!!! Pastor Randy



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