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From the Pastor

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I enjoyed delivering the message last week entitled “Baby Come Back.” In that message I dealt with the parable Jesus delivered regarding the Prodigal Son and how our children can’t get so bad that we won’t love them and desire for their return should they depart the home through rebellion. That’s the way the father of the Prodigal felt toward his son and that is the way our heavenly Father feels toward us. It doesn’t matter how far we drift or how bad we mess up. The reality is that we can’t do anything so bad that God does not love us.

One Bible teacher said that the father of the Prodigal must have looked in the direction that his son left and longed for his son to return. And on the day the father looked down the long, dusty road to see his wayward son returning to him, He ran to him, fell on his neck, kissed him, and welcomed him home. Thank God that our heavenly Father loves us enough that He doesn’t give up on us and welcomes us home each time.       Blessings!!! Pastor


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