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First Assembly of God of Clanton

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From The Pastor

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It is truly exciting to see all the things that God is doing among us here at First Assembly. There is no doubt that we are in a season of blessing. It is often during times like these that kingdom work becomes a lot easier to perform. Its seems that our testimony is newer, fresher, and more real than at any other time. People seem to be more receptive and responsive to the message of Christ.

Having said that, perhaps this is the time to capitalize on this season of blessing. Maybe we should reexamine the call that God has placed upon our lives and engage ourselves as never before. Perhaps we should invite and invest in the people whom God has placed in our lives. Perhaps it is the best time to open our eyes and see the harvest field before us.

As we as a church family continue our gospel work in these last days, may we take advantage of every opportunity the God affords us to work toward Kingdom objectives. Especially the opportunities that come with seasonal blessings. May we know that as God blesses us He also anoints us. May our work productive.



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