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First Assembly of God of Clanton

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From the Pastor

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From the Pastor:


It’s been a scorcher the past few weeks and that with little to no rain. It reminds me of the difficulty the Children of Israel had to endure when faced with the dreaded droughts of their day. Since Israel was an agricultural state they relied heavily on their crops and harvest. To them a drought was much more than a season of hot, dry weather, it was a matter of survival. Rain was not a issue of preference, it was a matter of necessity. The same is true of our walk with the Lord. We all go through seasons of dryness and prolonged periods of spiritual draught. But that’s what makes the refreshing rains of the Holy Spirit so vital to our walk with God. Spiritual draughts are common and inevitable. In some ways they are even beneficial. But the rain of the Holy Spirit comes and brings refreshing to the dry, dead places in our lives and prompts fresh, new and vibrant growth in our lives. Therefore I pray, “Lord, let the rain of the Holy Spirit come.”



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