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From The Pastor

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When you consider the kind of church we have here at First Assembly its character and spirit is no better measured then when the Lord gives me a hard hitting message to deliver like He did last Sunday.

I’ve said before, that most churches these days wouldn’t preach messages that are direct and challenge our standard of righteousness. Sadly, in too many churches these days, preachers who preach such messages don’t get to stay long. However, when God laid it on my heart last week to preach on “The Sleeping Church”, a message that would insight indignation, in some prompted praise from my flock. And I just want to thank you for that.

The spiritual health of a church cannot always be measured by the wonderful programs that operate out of it but rather by it’s  willingness to receive and apply biblical messages of righteousness and holiness. I am thankful for a church that not only readily accepts challenging messages but appreciates them. That is the dream of any pastor—Thanks!!!  


      Blessings!!! Pastor Randy



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