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From the Pastor

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How easy it is to lose focus of that which is most important. You heard me quote the old saying that was popularized by our Baptist friends that says, “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” However, in the business of life it is not unusual to get sidetracked and become distracted by things that stir us away from that which  is most important.

I mean think about it… If we were to die today, what is it that we could put our finger on and say this is what made my life meaningful? This is what will live on years after I have passed.  In light of that question, it would be beneficial to consider the things that we allow to distract us from our original objective. We can become so distracted for so long that if we’re not careful , we run the risk of forgetting what our original objective.

Our lives are filled with distractions. Let’s be careful that we only allow those important things to monopolize our time and capture our attention.

                 Blessings!!! Pastor Randy



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